Saturday, June 1, 2013

Anyone looking for yard work done or a handy man please read (Warning)

Anyone looking for yard work done or a handy man please read (Warning)

Please beware of who you ask to do yard work at your home. There are a lot of dishonest people out there ready to take your money and run. I ran across 2 guys you do not want to do business with. Contact me and I will give you the entire scoop on them, including their names and numbers if need be.

The work they do is not the best and is never done the way they told you they were going to do it.

Beware when they offer a lot of things they will do for a low yearly price. Example. . .. 26 grass cuts, pulling weeds every two weeks, spring clean up and fall clean up of your yard, clean out your gutters, snow removal in the winter months.

This is an example. The total price for the year will be $600.00. You pay half now and the other half in October.

1. Do not hire them until you have seen their references.
2. Never give the person the money until the job is done and has been inspected to see if it was done right.
3. When you pay them, make sure you get a receipt.
4. Never pay them half down for a seasonal job.

Most lawn service people like to get paid up front each time they come to do your lawn. Larger services will send you a monthly bill.

I just do not want any honest people in Omaha to get burned.

I did get some of my money back, but it was like pulling teeth to get what I got back.

For more information please contact me.

Do not let this happen to your hard earned money.

If you have gotten taken already, please contact the police and make a report against them. Also contact 7 can help. We need to put a stop to these dishonest people.

Thank you.

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