Friday, August 17, 2012

Rafferty Street

My book Rafferty Street is now available in electronic format.  I wonder if you could make mention of that, perhaps instead of a bio note. I’m including a blurb below and attaching the cover photo.
Thank you for considering this.
Lee Lynch

Lee Lynch’s novel Rafferty Street concludes her epic Morton River Valley Trilogy (Dusty’s Queen of Hearts Diner and Morton River Valley). In this stand-alone novel Annie Heaphy, beloved hero of Lynch’s classic Toothpick House, reunites with her old crowd. She loves her job driving people with disabilities to and from work – until being gay becomes an issue. Valley gays unite to defend her as she revels in love with the right, and wrong, women. Lynch’s warm, engaging prose deeply affects her readers as she tells her story - even more powerful today when civil rights for gays are still denied.
Now available in electronic format from Bold Strokes Books: <>.


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